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  • Automated Pretreatment Electrophoresis System
    Automated Pretreatment Electrophoresis System

    Pre-treatment is the preliminary step before coating, improve its decorative coatings and protective function plays an important role。 For a variety of process requirements of different workpieces, generally used in immersion, spray or dip jet set, three different types of pre-treatment。。。

  • Spray Systems
    Spray Systems

    Many types of paint spray booth for painting different parts of different requirements, select appropriate to spray booth, in order to achieve not a bad environment pollution, improve the coating quality, safety, health and other requirements。。。

  • Drying System
    Drying System

    Drying room plays an important role in the coating process。 Its main role in moisture drying, drying glue, coating curing。。。

  • Conveyor System
    Conveyor System

    In the painting line mechanized transport, the coating production of arteries delivery device. It can meet the work conveyance, storage, painting process, and many other requirements....

  • Energy Saving
    Energy Saving

    Energy Saving In Coating line...


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JiangSu SuLi Machinery Shares Co., LTD.located in YanCheng City in Jiangsu Province.Mainly engaged in automotive coating and environmental desulfurization, out of stock, dust and research and development, design, production.. [More]

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